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Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

SKU # Sublimation-TP7

  • Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper
  • 62" X 393'/100 gsm/3" Core
  • 1-10 Roll

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Positive Film Instructions

Step 1. After Buying DSF Inkjet Films for Screen Printing
Load your film into your printer as you normally would. We suggest using a Epson 4800 Printer, however any inkjet printer will work with the proper RIP Software. (Laser Films will not work with inkjet printers.) If you wish to control density of your output, you may do so by controlling the ink settings. Please adjust the settings of your choice for inkjet printing. Make sure your artwork settings are set at 100% black.  
Film Artwork
Step 2. Exposing our Inkjet Films on a Silk Screen
You are ready to print after touching up your screen. You can print on any promotional item you wish such as t-shirts, notebooks, coffee mugs, pens & more.  
Screen Printing on Promotional Products Screen Printing Direct Screen Printing T-Shirts Screen Printing Films

Screen Films Savings

1. Why buy Laser Film instead of Inkjet?
Laser Film is cheaper & quicker to output, thus saving time & money. The density of the output on laser is also normally not as opaque as ink jet.

2. Will any laser printer work?
Yes, most laser printers will work. We suggest using Epson, Xerox, or Canon for the best quality results.

3. When will my order ship?
After your order is processed, it usually ships within 24-48 hours, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday (we do not ship on weekends).

4. How is your quality?
The quality of our products is great, with a 99.5% customer satisfaction rate to prove it. You will receive the same results comparable to high-end brands, at a fraction of the cost.

5. Is your Film Coated?
No, our film is not coated.

6. Is it transperant?
Yes, the film is clear.

7. What is the exposure time?
Depending on the artwork, film, machinery, and exposure settings, the exposure time varies with each print.

8. Can I receive a sample to test?
Yes, we do offer samples of our products for testing.

9. Do I need to RIP software to run laser?
No, there is no need for RIP software to output on our laser film.

10. What is your return policy?
Our policy states that if you are not satisfied with our products, you have up to 90 days to return your order.

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1-10 Roll Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper 62" X 393'/100 gsm/3" Core

Inkjet Film

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Inkjet Roll Printing

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Laser Film

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